In generally about the building cleaning

In case of a maintenance contract we can offer a 5% discount!

We can wash building roofs, we can do pipe and drain cleaning. We have the special tools and washing equipment for this kind of work. With our personal lifters we can reach the most difficult places as well. We are able to perform tasks without hitches, racks and other items up to 25 meters high.

Unfortunately all the facades and exterior surfaces will lose their original apparence because of a variety of dirt and environmental influences. The roof and outdoor covers are often covered with moss and other dirts which can damage this parts of the building and give a terrible look. A painting can’t solve this problem, just a professional cleaning and impregnation.

The painting of this surfaces  is unnecessary in most of the cases, costs a lot and takes a lot of time.

The most effective solution is building washing and impregnation which gives huge savings and beautiful apparence.

With our competence in professional facade and exterior cleaning we can be your reliable partner. Our innovative technology and cost-effective high-tech cleaning products would offer a suitable solution for you. We provide solutions for both corporate and private clients.

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What we offer:

  • Roof Cleaning with personnel lift
  • Walkable roof cleaning
  • Winter gardens
  • Cleaning of terraces
  • Cleaning of facades up to 25 meters high!
  • Roof and wall repair works, demolitions
  • Pipe Cleaning with high pressure equipment
  • Window Cleaning

Maintenance contract

The contamination of the roof and gutters has many reasons. The algae, moss, dust and leaves with time can stop the free drainage of the water and cause the damage of the roof and gutters. In this case the water can find other ways and damage the facade.

Every house owner, common representative must decide how often the cleaning must be done.

The field-work costs are included in our prices!

In case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email!