In generally about the cleaning of the solar panels

Napelemek tisztítása

The cleaning of the solar panel at high standard means that your installation will work permanently at the optimum level. Only in case of regular cleaning will your installation deliver the maximum benefit in his 25 years of lifespan.

The experience has shown that the cleaning effect of the snow and rain in comparison with our cleaning technology is not satisfying, because the cleaning effect is very low.

The existing dirt will help sticking the further dirt and will cause that your installation will switch on later in the morning, and switch of earlier in the evening. This will be outstanding during the winter months when the sun is still less powerful.

The subsidence will significantly decrease the amount of sunlight which will reach the solar panel and strongly reduce the performance. On all surfaces like cars, windows, walls,  which are exposed to environmental influence or are in free space the dirt will appear.



The dirts can be for example:

  1. Tap water scale deposits caused by improper cleaning !!!
  2. Soot from the heating systems and cars
  3. Leaves, plant petals, organic gunge
  4. Grass seeds, pollen
  5. The subsidence caused by the industrial air pollution
  6. Street dust caused by public transport
  7. Dust emitted by buildings, silos
  8. Dust caused by agricultural work
  9. Subsidence caused by algae, mosses
  10. Subsidence caused by insects
  11. Bird droppings

At professional solar panel cleaning the thoroughness and exactitude are the base.


The light filter coatings, pollutions removal is not only an aesthetic treatment and care, but also help you keep your installations value. Not at least in some areas, professional cleaning is deductible from the tax.

With a minimum investment you can get a maximum return. There is a fact, that the efficiency of the solar panels and solar systems depends primarily on the sunlight quantity which is reaching the panels. A professional cleaning is quite fast and cost-effective intervention that will help you to reach the greatest benefit from your panel during his life-span. Of course, the professional cleaning is in every case an environment friendly process.