Kärcher iSolar the cleaning solution for the solar panels

The dust, soot and the pollen dirt can reduce up to 20% the power of the solar systems.

The cleaning effect of the rain, meltwater and wind is not enough for the efficient cleaning.

For a substantial cleaning we need a Kärcher or similar professional cleaning system with high pressure.

With iSolar, which is a telescopic, rotating brush system we can clean economicaly up to 1500 sqm of solar panel

The iSolar certification was done by the DLG e.V. – (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V) the German Agricultural Association.

Effective cleaning of the solar systems

Is forbidden to wash the great solar surfaces with tap water and sponge! Usually the solat panels are located in high places like a roof which has sometimes 30-45 inclination. Kärcher developed for this issue a professional and innovative system. This system is modular and gives solution for cleaning of every size of solar panels. The system we use can work even with 900 l/h water yield. The Kärcher water softening system is combined with the iSolar accessories

Scale and powerful dirt: surely dissolved

Using water with high scale content can lead to residual scale ont he surface, so the performance of the solar panels will be dramatically reduced. The water softener and the advanced solar cleaning products give a perfect protection against the residual scale. With the utilized water softener we can reduce the hardness of the water to 0-1 °dH. If the cleaning with soft water is not enough we use RM99 solar cleaner, which dissolvs the dirt and absorbs the scale, leaving the surface clean.