What are the benefits of  a solar panel or solar system cleaning?


You can increase the performance of the solar panels up to 30%!


Did you know that a professional cleaning can increase the solar absorbing capacity up to 30%? This way we help you to get from your solar panels the highest performance possible.

On your solar panels there are a lot of dirt, like moss, algae, pollen, animal droppings, soot and industrial pollution, etc.

A part of this dirt is cleaned by the rain, but later the dirt is stacked in layers.

Just as you wash your car regularly, clean your windows, or cut the grass, your solar panels need to be cleaned regularly. With this you can avoid the dirt deposit, which is causing financial loss to you.

It’s important to check the cleanness of your solar panels regulary!

If you see that the solar panels are dirty you must get in contact with a professional cleaner in order to reduce the loss.

The more dirt the less sunlight can be utilized by the solar cells or solar panels, which produces less power, less hot water, which is measurable financial loss.

In order to make the profit, the investment return on time, the solar panels must be periodically cleaned. In case of heavy pollution even more than one time a year!

The cleaning of the solar panels with tap water is strictly prohibited!

The tap water contains a high level of salt and lime (CaCO3).

This leads to calcium and salt spots on the surface of the panels. The rainwater isn’t good  either because is collecting the dirt from the roof.

Because of the above-mentioned problems, it is very important to make the cleaning with a 100% ecological and special processed softened water.

What we offer for you:

  • performance increase, up to 30%
  • unique price-cutting discounts are available
  • we do not step on the unit, we are working with telescopic long-range device
  • own personal mobile platform, there are no huge hidden costs (equipment rental)
  • we can perform the task without water supply
  • we are working with equipments specially developed for this task by leading manufacturers
  • Call back/mail in 24 hours for the appointment
  • in case of regular cleaning we can agree about a discount
  • significant discount in case of complete building and solar system cleaning
  • we keep all the safety rules!
  • we inform you about the eventual demages what we discover

Give free way to the sunlight!